GreenH selected by Ecopetrol as strategic partner for the development of the company's hydrogen plan in Colombia.

Seville, ES, Friday, June 24, 2022
The first pilot with national GreenH technology,

Colombian oil company Ecopetrol has selected GreenH as one of the six strategic allies in its plan to boost the development of low-carbon hydrogen in Colombia. The decision comes after the start-up of the electrolyzer supplied by GreenH for the Cartagena Refinery, which is already undergoing technological tests to accompany the decarbonization plan in the Latin American country.

GreenH operates in the hydrogen energy sector through electrolysis, offering vertical integration and covering the entire value chain of the vector. A strong investment in R&D&I, its operational presence in Europe and America, as well as complete solutions for both conventional and integrated projects of hundreds of MW (including the sale and supply of green hydrogen to sectors such as transport or industry) have been some of the reasons why the company has been selected as the only Spanish company. More than 80 companies from 16 countries participated in a rigorous and transparent process where, after three qualifying stages, the six companies that seal the alliance were selected.

Directors of the company, made the announcement during the Davos Forum, where he revealed that the Spanish H2B2, the French Total Eren and EDF, the German Siemens Energy, the British Empati and the Japanese Mitsui will be Ecopetrol's strategic allies from June, when teamwork will begin to articulate actions to strengthen the development of the company's strategic hydrogen plan.

CEO of GreenH, points out that "the leadership of Spanish companies and their contribution to the renewable hydrogen value chain must be strengthened. This is a unique opportunity that we cannot afford to miss". To contribute to this leadership, the company will carry out cutting-edge developments in hydrogen technologies for applications in sustainable mobility projects.

From the first moment Ecopetrol extended the invitation to the companies to participate in this alliance, GreenH shared its experience in pioneering mobility projects such as SoHyCal and its track record in the development of integrated products in three different geographies.

GreenH is a technology company founded in 2016 that promotes, develops, finances, designs, integrates, builds, operates and maintains hydrogen production systems based on water electrolysis, providing complete solutions for generation, compression, storage, commercialization, stations of service and all other uses of green hydrogen.

GreenH es seleccionada por Ecopetrol como empresa aliada estratégica para el desarrollo del plan de hidrógeno de la compañía en Colombia.

Sevilla, ES, viernes, 24 de junio de 2022
The first pilot with national GreenH technology,